Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

March 2011

Big News: Ty and I quit practicing home schooling, and now we are a bona fide home school family. I made it official on the second of March. Ty is a great student, though he still struggles with not whining! Or should I say doesn't struggle enough. Most of the time we fly through each lesson with lots of time to play. He's been getting allot of bike riding in. It is going great and we are all happy with our choice. This morning we woke up to a great rain storm with lots of rain, lightning and thunder. We sat on the porch watching for flashes and didn't have to hurry to get ready for school. (Science lesson for the day: what causes lightning and how come counting until you hear the lightning helps you know how far away the strike was.) He is progressing quickly with his reading abilities and offered to read me a book for the first time! Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. What a rewarding moment for me, nothing better than seeing the Ah-Ha light go on.

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