Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

February 2011

Phew haven't been able to access the web site. First I hadn't paid my bill! Then tech support and I couldn't figure out why I was blocked. I ended up having to download a new browser.....Any how... We've been busy with school, surfing, and overnights with Ty's friends Juanito and Brody. Ty and I have also been practicing homeschooling. January we worked on addition and this month we will be reading, writing and practicing the math he's learned so far. We also spend allot of time learning string games. We've tried making huge cat's cradles with his classmates as the fingers though we still find the harder figures are really hard to choreograph with six second graders, lots of knots!

Jump rope with Juanito

Multi-cultural Festival

Ms. Jewell

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