Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

October 2010

The School finished off September with a Festival of Strength and Courage. As we all know from fairy tales the smallest often prevail with love and kindness, as did the first and second grade when they Tamed the Dragon! We've also been surfing and James is having a great Lobster season. Ty is really into making his Halloween costume...The Mad Hatter. It is already nearly finished. We've made the main costume, including the hat, and most of the accessories. I think the socks and the hat feathers are the only things left. It is really fun to work with him.

Dad's biggest lobster ever.

The Taming of the Dragon

The Taming of the Dragon

'Ula loves when Ty is sick and lays on the couch all day!

playing with Photoshop

Dropping in with Mom

Now this is Family Fun!

2010 Coffee Harvest
due to the drought and a new pest
Ty got to help his dad put it through the chipper.

Fun for Ty, sad for coffee drinkers

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