Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

May 2010

We took a family vacation to the Mainland in late April. We got to visit Ty's cousins in Loma, then we spent some time at the ranch with Grampa Steve and Grammy crackers before stealing Grammy away and taking a 4 day RV trip from Grand Junction to Capital Reef National Park. We all had a great time. Grammy and Mom got to visit and drink allot of coffee! and Ty and James did great rock hounding around Torrey and Cainville. Ty came home with selenite crystals and flint chips for everyone in his class and James shipped home over 200 pounds of cab and facet grade agate and petrified wood. Uncle Mike made grand Champion house sitter by picking us up at the airport with our suits, towels and boards! Ahhh to get back to the ocean was lovely, not as easy to fit back into our school schedule, but we had a good first week back. Ty is worried he won't be ready for second grade, so we are practicing math flash cards for additon and subtraction, and writting a bit each day. Mother's Day we went to the top of Mauna Kea. We all felt as if we were on top of the world!

On top of the World!

Mother's day....

on top of Mauna Kea

Tickle me Kayla

The 35 ft RV

Daddy and Ty on the hunt

Learning to scale steep slopes
and self arrest with a rock hammer


Digging out big stones is hard work

agate with spring flowers and rockhounds

close up of rockhounds

Helping Grampa with the Kids

Legs and Birdie

Yoga Snow Boy

Get the ladder!
building a snow bunny

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