Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

March 2010

We have been keeping good on our deal with Ty to take him out of school sometimes as long as he continues to perform well, and go to scholl everyday without complaint. His first grade class is doing great, they don't even need my help anymore, except for when they jump rope, which they are all getting quite good at. While helping this week I noticed that Ty has his grandpa Steve's, and my, heavy feet. It is hard to believe a little guy can make such a stomp! He loves his fresh milk from Seth's family, and doesn't think store bought milk tastes like milk...which it doesn't, since he gets whole milk and the store sells 2 %. He is also showing his local colors in food preference, given a choice he picks fish and rice every time, though he has yet to develop a Hawaiian desire for SPAM. Spring Break and Furlough Fridays give us a grand total of 12 school days this month, so hopefully we will do a lot of fishing and surfing, if the ocean provides.

Ty's picture of the scrap wood shark he built

Surfing at Pines

Got It


He can boogie board too.

Singing for the Camera

Peeling Ohia Logs

Ty's new 'do

If you don't eat 'em wear 'em

Ty's catch

and its teeth

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