Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

September 2009

Ty's been in school 3 weeks already! Ehjay is back on the mainland. We are keeping busy working on the farm, and planning Ty's seventh birthday.
Ty did a great job planning his birthday! He had a blast, and so did his buddies--and they loved thier hotdogs and donuts...

Ty is still having a hard time going to school. Today I asked him if he could explain what it was that he didn't like, because I always liked it, and his teachers and classmates all like him and he does very well at all his tasks. He answered, "It is like this. If I was a parrot when I'm in school I feel like I'm in a cage and cannot fly or do what I want." Understood.

Practicing finger crochet

Party Pictures
Ty in green, Seth paddling



Ty and Brodi running into eachother

Daniel, Kaeo in the forground

Ty's drawing, squid vs whale

practicing Main Lesson
writing words that start with R
and words with r in the middle

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