Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

October 2009

It is already Fall Break...We are all excited about 9 days of no school. Ty's school kicked off the Break with their Festival of Strength and Courage...The children tamed the Dragon with their song and dance. All the grades did very well. We Spent the first day at home, NO DRIVING!!!! Ty entertained himself with the drill and grout mixer, and with his torch. He has gotten very good at finding things to do and doing them by himself. He is also doing awesome with his letters and counting. We play the allowance game at least three times a week, sometimes that many times in a Day! He isn't a good banker yet, but can recognize and recite the amount he is owed or owes.

Working on a wax sculpture with his torch.
We found the chunk of wax washed up on the Beach

Our first really big shell

A bird in the hand, caught alive all by himself

Play Date

Ready for the rain!

Ty's New Do

Playing with Dad

Mowing the Lawn

Big Fish

Ono Sushi

The Day's Catch
Ono, Big Eye, Aku

Hi- Ya

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