Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

November 2009

This month seems to have been very busy. Wake up, drive to school, work at the school or home, then pick Ty up and drive home. I've got about 1/2 hour to play with him then I need to start dinner. We have gotten much better at taking advantage of his days off. We've been camping and surfing on the weekends, and on any days Ty has off we either go fishing (calm water days) or surfing. I haven't even taken any pictures of him this whole month. We are taking it easy at home today, and I will get some pictures of him arround the place.

Ty and Brodi had a surf day together and Brodi showed Ty his
homework. When we got home Ty asked if he could do homework, so I printed out some math pages for him.
He did 4 pages!

cutting down banana bundles

and banana trees

5 years ago we bought this sisal in a 4 inch pot

Ty's jade vine shot

Ty posing under the flowering jade vine

Monsteria rain hat/coat

Inky and Stinky and Ty

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