Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

June 2009

Summer Vacation starts the 12th! We are starting early with Ehjay's arrival on the 10th!! Oh yea and some mid week surfing the week before....Ty is excited for summer break, but his parents can't wait.
We had a great Memorial Day camp-over with Seth's family, and they shared some of their pictures with us.

Ty, Seth and Zoey

Seth and Zoey using Uncle Miles as a floaty

Zoey and dad, Lorien

Back at the tide pool, Ty, Seth, Zoey and Dante

Cool Science kit activity
exploring Ph with a bubbling color changing volcano

Body Paint
It's not a heart it is a shark tooth

Playing in the surf

One of Ty and Brodi's Fantastic Towers

Wipe Out
Carpe Carnage

Stick'd It

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