Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

September 2008

Happy Labor day. I must made an error in explaining the history of Labor day to Ty...After talking about worker rights and watching a history channel video online about unions, labor day, and the end of leagalized child labor, Ty wanted to go to work. I paid him a dollar to clean the front windows and dust his spice rack. I don't think he got the message, but he was very excited about his profits! He is doing great in kindergarten. From his teacher and the teacher's aid I have heard that he is an asset to the class room and always jumps to do what he is told to, and that he is a really good boy and excellent nose blower! From Ty I sometimes hear what they had for snack, that Brodi is his buddy, sometimes Dante and Brady are his team mates, and that he played. And if there is any trouble he just pretends that he is waiting to swing and doesn't get caught by the teacher. ( No details as to what kind of trouble.) He also told me that Alex is the outcast..like a horse that the other horses don't like, and that the other kids bully him and call him names, but not him and Brodi, and when Dante does he can't be on their team, though apparently neither can Alex.

Happy Labor Day!

Ty making a buck and. . .
putting some elbow grease into it.

Happy Birthday number 6

String Mazes are tricky with just one

Almost to his big prize
A new fishing pole

The most desired and adored present of all

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