Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

October 2008

Note from Ty's Teacher, Miss Ana: "Ty sure does well in Kindergarten. He follows along with circle songs and listens and follows directions so well. He is a good, positive example of how maturity helps those younger kids."
How cool is that!
We looking forward to fall break, 1 1/2 weeks of no school, and Halloween. Ty would rather stay home, but he is doing great in school.

The Gun Collection

Mom broke the camera so here is what Ty has been up to this month: You know what, when we were out fishing in the boat, and there was a dolphin and the dolphin was about 600 pounds and then dolphy went away and then we started doing some chumming and Mr. El Tigre white tip shark came up to the boat and we fed it a fish head and I made a birdy buddy and I would thow him sardines and he would swim under water and get them. And I went surfing with Brodi and I standed up on my surf board and rode almost all the way in. Then I went on my red foammy board and pearled and pearled and pearled. So I got on dad's short board and stood up and ripped then I fell and my whole chest got skegged and torn up. So I went in and got Dr. up and then I went out and rode and rode some more and I rode the last wave all the way to shore.

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