Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

March 2008

Last month we gave Ty a calendar, he tears a day off every day, though he'd like to tear off more. We have marked when Ehjay is coming, so after he rips a day off he can measure the time by the thickness of the pages between then and today. It is getting really thin!

Ty is really growing up and making good decisions on his own.

We went to Walmart and he had $10 to buy a toy. He wasn't very happy with his choices and on the way out he spotted a $35 scooter. He decided to save his $10 and get more money from his money box and come back latter to get the scooter!

We went to a meeting at the school we are hoping Ty will attend, before the meeting started he went outside to play on the playground with the other kids. When the kids left the playground area to play catch, he didn't go with them. Later when I asked why he told me that I told him to play in the playground, so he didn't leave. I was sorry he missed out on playing with the kids, but so pround of him for staying where I had asked him to!

Tye Dye by Ty

Decorating Car Cakes

and eating car cakes

Helping dad do some watering
Oh yea, and playing in the big tank!

Photo by Ty

boogie boarding at Pine trees 1




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