Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

August 2008

Ty starts Kindergarten this month, the 20th. He is probably more ready than I am. We have been practicing waking up, eating, and getting ready to leave on time. We are doing pretty good. I've also found myself being more mindful of spending quality time with him while he is still available everyday.

While watching the olympics I told Ty he would probably like watching fencing....When it came on he was shocked to see the sword fight, as he thought they were going to be fencing in cows. Olympic intensive grazing!!! Go Grampa!

Ty Caught a coqui frog!

Ty's picture of- it's gut side

Ty's Monster Zoo

Monster close up

Google eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and hot glue!

Playing in the waves with Dad

bike ride, and view up to the house



Rough seas for the USS Land Yact

Ty's First Day of School

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