Jackson Ty Allen-Goss

April 2008

Ehjay and Ashley came for a visit for the last two weeks of March. We had a blast playing with them. Ty really took to boogie boarding with all the time we spent playing at the beach with them. You can check out his videos at our youtube page We also got another dog while they were here. Her name is Onya...because Ty said, "everytime you sit down she gets on ya." She is a very happy puppy, and very tiny.

Ehjay and Ashley

Ty's grumpy face


Family photo

Brothers in the sunrise

Disassembling a broken jig saw

Dad's big catch


Onya's first boggie board ride

Setting Lucky 4 FREE!

Skatin' on the Trampoline

Onya and Ty checking out da lobster

The big One!

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