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James Goss-

Stone Sculptor

James at work

James Goss, one of the most collected stone sculptors in the Northwest, has sold over 350 pieces in the last decade. His works are displayed in numerous galleries in the Pacific North west and in corporate and private collections through the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada. In the last decade, he has had five museum shows.

Abstract, contemporary, flowing and organic, James's sculptures are carved from stones he quarries himself in the State of Washington: Yellow marble, gray marble, black marble with white clouds, green serpentine, and pink, red and grey dolomite. He also carves more exotic stones such as blue anhydrite from Peru, Picasso Marble, purple florospar and malachite. The only person to carve local fossilized sandstone which he finds and quarries, James often combines different stones into one sculpture using both air and electric tools in a technique called direct carving.

James grew up and lives at the foot of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington. His early years were spent skiing and mountain climbing, activities which led to a profound interest in geology and mineralogy and to discovering his talent for carving. He began sculpting in 19974 and made it his full-time profession in 1988.

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